• Would you like more insight around your product investments?
  • Are people constantly looking at outdated versions of your product plan?
  • Do you need little bit of help around product planning, but are leery of too much process?

Just like it's no fun using a spreadsheet to manage your finances -- you'd rather use Quicken or Mint -- you no longer have to make do with sticky notes, Excel, Microsoft Project, bug trackers, and wikis to manage your product pipelines.

Pypelyne is the best way to manage product pipelines. It allows you to be informed, in control, and agile. You'll spend far less time laboriously updating and manging your roadmap and spend more time building amazing products. And you'll get some incredible insights.

With Pypelyne you get:

  • A bird's eye view of your pipeline
  • Clear and immediate visibility into your roadmap
  • An easy way to manage fluid product priorities
  • Product look-backs and post-launch metrics
  • Stunning insights and reports
  • A shared platform so everyone can be on the same page
  • An easy way to evaluate and respond to product delivery demands

Pypelyne will allow you to manage your roadmap in a way that's natural. It isn’t a new methodology or process. It’s just an extension of how you already think and do things. It's designed with one unwavering principle: You should never be punished for doing things your way!

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